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N7 double slider open end + A02/A02 nickel free - cod.N71F3A02A025ZPR

Available length

100 cm: available in the following colors

 white Z101 white
snow white Z102 snow white
baby pink Z132 baby pink
prestige Z135 prestige
hot red Z145 hot red
cameo Z160 cameo
bordeaux Z172 bordeaux
cranberry Z175 cranberry
candy blue Z177 candy blue
comet blue Z178 comet blue
crayon blue Z212 crayon blue
crayon Z218 crayon
fresh green Z226 fresh green
cedar green Z255 cedar green
palmetto green Z260 palmetto green
cocoa Z268 cocoa
chest nut Z290 chest nut
deep brown Z295 deep brown
natural Z297 natural
light beige Z298 light beige
smoke grey Z300 smoke grey
charcoal Z309 charcoal
black Z310 black
dark olive green Z316 dark olive green
dark blue Z320 dark blue
dark grey Z322 dark grey